Buddy - The Amazing Pack Rat


Photos Of Buddy - The Amazing Pack Rat

All pictures are taken directly from Buddy’s film


After Buddy’s first release and unexpected return to the car, I released and filmed him a total of four more times. Iitem1 never did figure out where he stayed when he rode home in or under the car.

On one occasion I repositioned the car to see if he could find it and would still go to it. When I let him out, Buddy looked for the car and without hesitation sprinted directly to it. He quickly climbed up the driver’s tire and into the engine. Because he was so clear about where he was going, I truly believe he had scoped out the situation through the wire cage before I ever opened the door. When I looked under the hood he was by the spare tire, and since he stayed in the engine the rest of that day I began feeding him there.


Copyright 2010 by Bonnie Norton

Copyright 2010 by Bonnie Norton


My veterinarian said Buddy needed to have a tick removed from his face or it would continue injecting poison and make Buddy very sick. Below, Buddy is out cold under a general anesthesia and connected to an oxygen machine. He quickly recovered in his cage.

Copyright 2010 by Bonnie Norton


Being a pack rat, Buddy collected things. Pack rats are also known to be “fair businessmen” because in place of things they take, they sometimes leave “gifts.”

One morning I filmed Buddy bringing me a number of gifts. I called him a “rat on a mission” because as he picked through many objects it was obvious that he knew exactly what he wanted and only certain items would do. I’ve been told that because pack rats are nocturnal, this rare footage may the only of its kind showing a wild pack rat collecting (in broad daylight, no less).

Copyright 2010 by Bonnie Norton

Copyright 2010 by Bonnie Norton


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